Hot Sale High Performance Portable Pulse Bag Dust Remover

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ESP Dust Collector Fabric Dust Collector
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Hot Sale High Performance Portable Pulse Bag Dust Remover
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The warehouse top bag type dust collector is a high-efficiency purification special equipment suitable for the top of the ash warehouse of power plant. It adopts advanced cleaning technology, with large gas treatment capacity, good purification effect, simple structure, reliable work and maintenance workload. Less features.

The DMC20--120 pulse bag type top dust collector produced by our company adopts the advanced integrated circuit controller, which has the advantages of high integration and high reliability. At the same time, the high quality pulse valve produced by Shanghai bag is selected. This product has been proved by long-term use of power station, stable performance and reliable operation, and is highly praised by the selected units and users.

B.Structure introduction:

1. Upper box: Includes a cover that can be lifted (or a fastening cover) and an air outlet.

2, the middle box: including porous plate, inspection door, filter bag, keel, venturi and so on.

3, the lower box: including pressure measuring joints.

4, blowing system: including pulse control instrument, electromagnetic pulse valve, blow pipe, air bag.

C.Working principle:
The dust-laden air enters the dust collector box through the tuyere, and the fine dust particles are hindered to the outer wall of the filter bag due to various effects of the filter bag. The purified gas is discharged from the upper tank outlet through a filter bag through a venturi.

As the use time increases, the dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter bag increases, and the permeability of the filter bag is weakened, so that the resistance of the dust collector is continuously increased. In order to ensure that the resistance of the precipitator is controlled within a limited range, a signal is sent from the pulse controller to sequentially open the electromagnetic pulse valve, so that the compressed air in the air bag is sprayed by the blowing pipe to the corresponding venturi (referred to as a primary air) ), and when the high-speed airflow passes through the venturi, it induces several times the ambient air of the primary air (called the secondary air) to enter the filter bag, causing the filter bag to suddenly expand rapidly due to the reverse

The impact of the pulsed airflow quickly disappears and the filter bag shrinks sharply, so that the dust accumulated on the outer wall of the filter bag is removed. The falling dust is discharged through the ash discharge system.

Since the cleaning is carried out separately to several sets of filter bags in sequence, and does not cut off the dust-containing air to be treated, the treatment capacity of the precipitator remains unchanged during the cleaning process.

Brief description of the blowing system: the composition of the blowing system is shown in Figure 3. The pulse valve A is connected to the compressed air air bag, the B end is connected to the blowing pipe, and the pulse valve back pressure chamber control valve and the control valve are operated by the controller. When the controller has no signal output, the movable iron core of the control valve seals the exhaust port, and the pulse valve is closed. When the controller sends a signal, the control valve opens the pulse back pressure chamber to the atmosphere, and the pulse valve opens. The compressed air is injected into the venturi from the air bag through the pulse valve through the small hole of the spray pipe, and is changed into the instantaneous positive pressure in the filter bag. Realize the cleaning.

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